Monday, October 13, 2008

IP Addresses as private information?

For my semester project I have decided to focus on exploring if IP addresses are personal information (personally identifiable information) or fair game. Luckily I have chosen a topic which I have not fully made up my mind. So this paper will reflect my own curiosity in the matter and be, at least I hope, very balanced.

At the heart of my paper I am hoping to examing differing opinions on whether or not IP addresses are PI or not. To be followed by a comparitive analysis of US law relating to IP addresses and EU laws.

My searching is progressing, all be it slowly. For some reason now that I am actually looking for information on the topic, I cannot find very many quality works on the topic. How I wish I would have not deleted all those Google feeds.


Kirsten said...

Sounds like an interesting topic. I've always thought of IP addys as being like street addresses--a combo of public and private--and so am hoping you'll post your conclusions here.

Of, and I'm forever deleting feeds and then resubscribing a few months later. You'll find them again.

Michael Zimmer said...

I have some material on this, especially from the EU perspective, who has been fighting Google on this issue for some time now.

Unknown said...

The network here will be operated by HBC, a private company, Monticello won't be snooping on your traffic in the ways that other private ISPs do to better target advertising.
You cannot go wrong on the best security systems

Unknown said...
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