Friday, January 23, 2009


As I was joining groups on Facebook, I went through and searched for schools of library science.

I am surprised that there are still several schools without a Facebook page. *I don't like MySpace much, so I did not search there*

So we are confronted with library science programs striving to stress the importance of Web 2.0 technologies, yet not embracing them....makes me ponder a bit.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Online Safety for Children

I stumbled on this good report that focuses on technological measures that could be used to help protect children in the online environment. Though I hate to see any sort of solution affect all Internet users, most of the measures appear to work at a local end user level.

It is also refreshing to see that the report identifies and states that technologies cannot provide a complete solution. (No 'Magic Bullet' I am afraid) Rather technologies used in conjunction with many other things, such as a parent's involvement in their child's online usage would provide the best chances of mitigating online dangers.

Really the best portion of the report, is the literature review, the rest is pretty mundane. It would be a great piece to 'bread crumb' from if anyone is starting a paper this semester on online safety for children.


The report is from the Internet Safety Technical Task Force-which includes some very heavy hitters in the realm of online communications.