Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Break time is over

So for the past two months I forced myself to not blog. It was actually much easier than I had thought. As the new school year approaches, there is some news to report.

1) I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a MLS from the School of Library and Information Studies.
2) I have begun to work on a PhD in Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3) I am playing catch up to the blogosphere...two months off and stories are the same, but with some differences.

That is it, yes what a wonderful life.


Kirsten said...

Hope everything's going smoothly with the start of the new program. Good luck!

Wyatt Ditzler said...

Thank you Kirsten! I know you will find a wonderful job very soon.

Unknown said...

I've just started reading your blog. Lots of great stuff here... nice work!
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Unknown said...
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