Monday, January 14, 2008

MySpace and protecting children

Today the MySpace and several states attorneys general commented on a comprehensive plan to protect the safety of minors on MySpace. The plan calls for monitoring MySpace for inappropriate materials, the creation of new technologies to determine and assign the age of users, and user education.

How does this affect MySpace users? The details are not all that clear, of course providing details would allow people to circumvent the plan. However, a concern that needs to be raised is why do we as a society keep limiting free expression in earnst to protect children? Most commonly cited are cyberbullying cases or child abuse cases all caused by technology. Perhaps, as this plan finally takes into account, educating the users is better than limiting the ability and speech of users. It is a touch subject to discuss, especially when children are involved, but society and elected officials seem to be a step behind or misinformed about the abilities of technology. Protection measures are needed, but they need to be done by the parents not the State.

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